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Core/Coreless Winder

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Our Core/Coreless Winders operates at high speeds up to 400 ft/min, counts the number of clear or printed bags in various sizes, and automatically roll changes up to 10 roll changes/min. With PLC control, sensors, and a counter weight system for the accumulating dancer, this winder produces the best quality finished core or coreless rolls of plastic bags. This fully automated winder is simple and operator friendly as adjustments are easy to make while in operation. Our winder features an optional core attachment for automatic coring.

The Core/Coreless Winder’s main product features are shown below:


Winds perforated tear off coreless rolls


Self-diagnostic colour touchscreen


Counterweight accumulating dancer


Accurately counts bags by perforation

Please contact us if you would like more information on the Core/Coreless Winder.